Real VS Steal: Alaïa Leather and stretch sandals

June 22, 2013

I love these sandals by Alaïa. I think they are so sexy and edgy! I would style it with a pair of skinny jeans and a blazer. The are on sale on NET-A-PORTER, which is great, but looking through Steve Madden's website, I saw a steal. Of course, I couldn't keep this to myself, I had to share! So here goes....

(NET-A-PORTER, $1,347.50)

Continue to see the steal...

(Steve Madden, $99.95)

I think the steal is very similar to the real, but for sooo much cheaper! Wouldn't you agree?

Images sources: NET-A-PORTER, Steve Madden

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  1. My goodness! Its soo similar to the "real".


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