Home Decor: Colorful Kitchen Ideas

March 03, 2014

The kitchen is one of my favorite places in a home. When I go house/apartment hunting, the kitchen and then bathroom usually make or break the deal for me. I love to cook, and because I spend a good about of time in the kitchen, I put in as much effort in furnishing and decorating my kitchen, as I would other parts of my apartment. I generally like to keep things colorful. If you are like me, and are looking to renovate your kitchen anytime soon, here are a few ideas to inspire you.

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Image sources: Google images

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  1. Beautiful designs. Definitely giving me ideas for my kitchen, though I live in a rented apartment in Nigeria and one is constrained from making drastic changes, but I would love to incorporate one or two ideas from these kitchens. My personal favourites are kitchen 8- with black and orange and white and the last kitchen with yellow, white, black and navy blue; as the spaces are similar to mine.

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