Beach Side Diva

June 18, 2013

Beach Side Diva

It's Summertime, and I know a lot of you beautiful ladies will be going to the Beach, I know I will! Sometimes, I really don't want to wear a bathing suit, swim, or get my hair wet; I just rather look pretty on the side and sip on some Virgin Pina Colada! LOL! Here is a look I created, from H & M, that is easy breezy and will let me get as much air, as the other bikini clad beauties. The colors are fun, vibrant and beautiful. Don't forget your sunscreen! Hope you like!

Each item is under $25, continue to see how you can purchase...

H&m sandals
$24 -

H M cuff bracelet
$11 -

H M band hat
$13 -

H&M plastic sunglasses
$7.85 -

H m

For those of you thinking, "Errrrrhh, crop top!" I tried it on at a store, and it comes down below the belly button, and it didn't show too much boobage >_<  I thought the fitting was great for a not-so-skinny gyal like myself... LOL, and I believe it is  $14.99. KC really liked it too, he offered to buy it for me... (Bless his heart!) :D

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