Interior Decor: Bedroom Love

June 11, 2013

Hey Everyone,

   It's no secret that I am crazy about Interior decor. Those that are closest to me can attest to this fact. Sometimes I just go to home decor stores just for the heck of it. With my love for decorations, it is only by the grace of God that my apartment isn't cluttered with stuff! lol! Also, I love to sleep, and I love to sleep in a well furnished bedroom even more! I love bedrooms with big wide windows that can potentially let in a lot of light. The brighter the colors in the room, the happier I am. Today, while browsing the web, a few bedroom decor were calling out to me, and I decided to share! Enjoy!


Not a lot of choices, but which of these is your fav?

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  1. omggggg love the black, white and red pic. The last pic is rough play for me biko. i see myself drowning already. lol

  2. That grey and pink.. you could do so much with it :)


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