My Style: Bathing Suit Cover Up? Not anymore!

June 25, 2013

Three days ago, my boo and I decided to go eat some pizza and see a movie. After I was all dressed and ready to go in a pair of jeans and a white tank top, I thought to myself, "After I eat all those slices of pizza, my tummy is going to be poking out like crazy, and I will be too full to suck and hold my belly in!!" LOL!! I looked through my luggage for something that will cover my belly after I am stuffed, and work with my outfit. And there it was, my bathing suit cover up! Even though he gave me the look of disapproval, I was determined to pull this outfit off, and I think I did! :) This was the outcome...
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Below are pictures from my vacation last year with the bathing suit cover up...

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  1. I like the cover up "cover up". Lol

  2. So hot! You make the rules to your style and it looks fantastic on you! Lovely blog :)

  3. Awesome Babe You know how to work the camera all day every day ;) :D

  4. your royal sexiness. love love the jeans and that white nail polish is so hot! check out glowing skin tips here

  5. nanayaa ayebea addoJune 29, 2013 at 2:25 PM

    Entire outfit, love..those sandals hmmm Gucci

  6. Gucci, hmmm:)
    Luuuuuv d sandals!
    Lovely pix. U sure do know how 2 work d camera.

  7. May I ask where u get it from?


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