About Me

On Diary of Doc Diva, I share my love for fashion, Medicine, travel, food, interior decoration, photography, music, and all things bright and beautiful. Before I attained my Medical Degree, I was a student for at least 9 years. Being supported financially by my parents the whole time, made me understand what it meant to be on a Budget, and because I believe that style is about how you put things together, as opposed to how much it costs. I help my readers, who are also on a budget, find comparable items, to things that would otherwise cost a "fortune".

I also share my style, and that of others, so that my readers may draw some inspiration on ways to put pieces together. As part of my love for Medicine and Women's Health, I discuss various health topics, so that my readers are made aware and educated on health issues that may directly or indirectly affect them.

I am also happy to answer all health related, or any other questions that my readers may have. Even if I do not know the answer, I will be more than happy to look it up.

Diary of Doc Diva is managed and operated by Dr. Gucci Ezeala, MD, MPH.

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