My Style: DIY Superman Muscle Tee

August 12, 2013

My mum is visiting, so this past Saturday, we decided to have a fun day together. We went to the mall, and then visit friends and family. I wanted to wear something comfy, because with my mum, mall= whole day affair! LOL . Now I know where I got my shopping addiction from! :D  I had this  T-shirt in my closet that I bought in May to sleep in, so I just cut off the sleeves, and turned it to a muscle Tee. Usually when I go to the mall, I like to tie up my hair with a scarf, because I look crazy at the end of the day, from my hair flying all over the place, after trying so many clothes! haha. And this scarf happens to be my favorite one! I started out with flats, but grabbed my wedges too, just to dress up the outfit a little, when we visited family. This was the outcome! By the way, shout out to my mum for taking all these pictures in 20 secs in a bid to keep it moving! lol. Love her! Enjoy!

With flats...

                             T-shirt: Walmart (Men's); Bag : Marshall's (old); Flats: ALDO shoes (old)
                              Wedges: Bakers (old) ; Sunnys: ALDO ; Jewelry: ALDO & Forever21
                                               Watch: Michael Kors; Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo.

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