Metallics Madness

August 07, 2013

Metallics Madness
I am a sucker for Metallics; I just love things that shine! They have a way of adding an edge to an outfit, and making it look out of this world, literally! Gone are the days when metallics were limited to jewelry. Over the years, a lot of designers have made bold pieces using metallics; from runway to everyday wear, this fashion statement is here to stay! I remember wearing a pair of silver H & M pants to KC's graduation, after I got dressed, him and his brother had a field day making fun of me, saying things like, "These your pants are futuristic!" LOL. I am prettie sure his parents were also like "SMH for this girl!" But I was like "Silver pants, don't even cuuurrrre!", haha. Also, on my graduation I wore a pair of gold pants, also from H & M (see pictures below). Anyways, these are a few metallic pieces that I would love to own.

What I wore to KC's graduation...

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  1. Lol @ "smh for this girl". I want the gold metallic shoe. Seen Kelly Rowland rock it a lot. Shine away bebe!


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