Airport Chic: 1 of 4

August 14, 2013

Airport Chic
When I travel, I like to dress comfortably. Most often, I wear a pair of jeans, a tee-shirt or tank top and a blazer. I always carry big handbags because like I previously mentioned, my suitcase is always overweight, so that when it is time to unpack, I have somewhere to stuff my excess items. LOL. I like to layer pieces so that I can take off or add on items based on the temperature in the airport/plane. A scarf is a must for me too, so that I can cover my face when I sleep (I can't be sleeping anyhow in front of strangers). hahaha. I have created 4 airport chic ideas, I hope you are able to draw some inspiration. Enjoy!

Forever 21 muscle tee shirt

Boohoo aztec blazer

Paul by Paul Smith blue jeans
$215 -

Aldo shoes

Kate spade jewelry

Denis colomb

Vintage style glasses

Giorgio armani

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