Live Better and Happier; 7 Ways To Improve your Quality of Life

April 25, 2014

Hey Lovelies,

In the chaotic world of today, it is easy to get caught up in all that is going on around us. You turn on the news, there are deaths, murders, missing children, cases of domestic violence,  terroism, and all types of craziness. Sometimes, all I just want to do is leave my TV off or not go online because of all the potential things that you hear and see that can make you sad or mad, or both.

While we may have so much to worry about. Sometimes, it is also important to take care of ourselves as well as the people around us. We can only achieve this by living better and happier lives.

So here are a a few ideas on how to Improve your quality of life.

1) Slow Down
Some of us work crazy amount of hours with no breaks in between. All that stress can actually be detrimental to your health. I remember a patient I had who was a workaholic, never took the time to rest, or go for doctor visits. He was clearly stressed out, and was hypertensive. He did not know he was hypertensive till he ended up in emergency room, with a huge stroke. 

Sometimes, it is ok to just take a break. Go on a vacation! Just drop everything and relax for a minute. You can engage in other things that you enjoy, like playing sports, gardening, shopping, whatever it is that makes you happy.

2) Make time for Friends and Family
Even I am guilty of this offence!  Sometimes I go days without calling my parents, family and friends. Not because I don't want to, sometimes I just procrastinate, sometimes I am just so tired from work. Truth is, these are bad excuses. However, when I do get around to speaking to them, I always feel much better. Whatever stressor or weight on my shoulders I had from a few days prior, always gets lifted off. The same applies to when I go visit my cousins or friends or go for sleep overs! Maybe it is just the good laughs, or just being around people you know that mean well, or the combination. Something about being around my friends and family or just talking to them, seems to rejuvenate me.

3) Focus on Here and Now
As much as we all want to be millionaires and trillionaires, that might not be the case for some of us. It is important to learn to accept yourself where you are today. Be content! Do not worry about the cars that your neighbor is driving, or the designer clothes that your friends are wearing. The truth is everyone has the potential to afford  all these things, it might not be now, but it will eventually happen. I hear people complain all the time about how they are not this rich or that wealthy. You have the most important thing, which is Life!!! Continue to work hard, focus on your strengths and how you can achieve your goals. Keep believing, keep putting in the work, you will get there!

There is no point stressing yourself unnecessarily by focusing only on what you are yet to achieve. Believe in yourself, work hard, work towards your goals, but be proud of what you have achieved!

4) Do What you Love
I mean career wise! I cannot possibly imagine how I would feel right now if I was in Medicine for money, or just because. I would totally regret it and hate it, because some days are extremely stressful, I cannot begin to explain. Even though I went into it out of passion for the profession, I have days that I am just like, "In my next life, I am certainly not doing this again". But thankfully, like the pain of labor, that feeling always fades away pretty quickly. Unfortunately, a lot of people are stuck in careers that they have absolutely no interest in! The good news is, it is never too late, to start a new trade or career. There is just that satisfaction that comes with doing what you absolutely love, and making money from it. I honestly, do not see a point in sticking through a career that you do not enjoy, sure, it will pay your bills, but you will be more miserable than happy. Remember, the happier you are, the better your quality of life.

5) Eat a well-balanced diet and Exercise
This is something that I am currently trying to do too. I am a foodie, so sometimes i just eat whatever and then binge diet later. As I get older, I have learned that my body isn't responding to this habit anymore. As such, I have started to make healthier food choices and exercise at least 3 times a day, and I am better for it. Remember, that the benefits of a good diet and exercise go beyond looking great, many years down the line, when you are much older, you will be soo grateful that you tried to maintain a good health. One thing I am beginning to see more and more of in the medical field, is that people are being diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus, High Cholesterol, Heart Failure, and Heart attacks at much younger ages. To avoid being a frequent flier in the hospital in the future for preventable medical problems, start today to take care of your bodies.

 Try to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. There are many recipes for making delicious vegetable dishes. Instead of snacking on fats, snack on fruits.

 6) Be Positive

Being an pessimist does not do you or anybody any good. As much I love to be realistic, I try to stay optimistic. Try to see the positive in yourselves and others! Spread positivity! Be that person that everyone wants to turn to because they will always make others feel better, or who will have the right or most encouraging things to say. Don't be the "debbie downer" or the person who always imagines the worst or sees the negative side of things. You will feel much better when you stay and think positive. Think positive about yourself, if you do, you can achieve almost anything! Encourage people, compliment them, correct in love, critique positively, I promise you, it is worth it!

7) Help others when you can
There is a joy that comes when you help others; You just get that good good feeling! I know I do. It can be through volunteering, being part of a charity, or just by helping your neighbors do everyday things that make life a little easier for them.  It doesn't have to be monetary or financial help, it can just be by being there and showing you care .I understand, that it is not always easy, but you just have to try. My mum always says "When you help people, their prayers for you go a long way to bring good things your way". Though, your reward might not be immediate, you will get good karma. When others are wondering why your life seems so perfect, it is probably because of the kindness you showed to someone , that you don't even remember.

Remember that life is not about quantity but quality, not how long but how well! You want to live the best life you can, while you can.

Have a great weekend!

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