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April 10, 2014

Hey Lovelies,
I hope everyone is having a great month so far? This month has been crazy busy for me as I am in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), even slightly worse this week because I am on night float. 
If you have ever been in the ICU or have ever visited anyone (friends or family), you will know that it can potentially make you sad. While on my night shift today, after rounding on some of my patients, I sat down and thought for quite some time. I thought about a lot of things; life, family, friends, my patients (if they'd ever recover, etc), and if I enjoy what I do. I also remembered a video that I had seen a long time ago and thought I'd share.

We can all agree that life is beautiful. It is the most amazing thing to wake up every morning in good health, have a job to go to, call our families who are in good health, kiss our children good bye, etc. While some people might have things  going great, there are also a large amount of people who are going through some type of stress, sadness, health issues, and some type of suffering. 

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Truth is, we are all faced with something in our lives that we wish could be different. It can be anything from unemployment, to receiving some bad news, to a sick family member, or a not having enough money to pay bills, or being stuck in a bad marriage, or loss of a loved one, or wishing we could look one way or another.
Even though these problems might not directly affect us, I believe we can make the next person feel better. Remember, it is the little things that matter the most. "A smile". "How are you?" "Would you like a cup of water?" "Please". "Thank you". "You look great!" "I am sorry". "I love you". "How can I help you?"

Being in the ICU constantly reminds me that life is not guaranteed, even in the next minute. Sometimes, I care for patients all day, who are relatively stable, only to come back the next morning and hear they had passed away minutes after I left. Even though I feel sad and know that we did the best we could, sometimes it makes me feel a liiiiiiiiiittttttlllllle bit better remembering the "little" things I tried to do for that patient during the day.

The point I am trying to get across is that we should try to make a difference, to someone, everyday. You never know how much the little time you take out to call someone, compliment them, or show kindness, can go a long way to change a person's situation or state of mind.

Like it states at the end of the video "If you could stand in someone's shoes, Hear what they hear, see what they see, feel what they feel, Would you treat them differently?

Let us be more loving to one another...


Video credit: Cleveland Clinic

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  1. Great write up. I read your blog but never comment but this touched me. Keep up the good work.


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