Home Decor Love : Plus up to 30% Off at Target

July 18, 2017

Home Decor Love : Plus up to 30% at Target

When it comes to home decor, I tend to often go for bold colored pieces. I don't know why, but if I had a piece of black or grey furniture, I would get tired or bored of it after a while. On the other side, with bold colored pieces, you have to love it! When I mean love it, it would have to be a color or colors you won't get tired of too easily. For me, when I pick out furniture or decorative pieces, I often go for things that say a lot about my personality; fun, colorful, and happy (at least for the most part). I also have a thing for metallic (mostly gold) accents. I currently have a long list of items that I intend to give a face lift with gold spray paint, and I plan for them to be a DIY (do it yourself) project.

A lot of times, I find myself window shopping for furniture. If not for self discipline, I would probably have a hoard of furniture and home decor items stored somewhere. Quite often, I find myself at Target, drooling over their home decor and furniture pieces. My other favorite place to go to for home decor shopping is Home Goods or Home Sense, when I am in the UK. Like Target, they also always have the most unique and nicest things.

This week, Target is having a sale of up to 30% off on bed, bath furniture and home decor. So I thought I'd share some of the items that I have drooling at and absolutely love, incase you are in the market for some home decor pieces, as well. After all, there is love in sharing, right?



Safavieh outdoor stool
£61 - target.com

Aeon green sofa
£520 - target.com

Elements high back chair
£280 - target.com

Threshold flower stem
£58 - target.com

Blue bookcase

What type of home decor pieces do you like? Would you rather go for the blacks, grays, or browns? Why or why not?

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