May 13, 2017

Hey Lovelies,

I have not really shopped for sometime (I am actually proud of myself), but that is going to change really soon. *covers face* I have been window shopping though, and will soon update my spring/summer wardrobe. There are a few pieces that are definitely a must have for Spring/ Summer. Basically if you were only going to just buy 5 items all spring/summer, then these should be on your top ten (5).

1) Kimonos

Beyonce gave me double life when she rocked the Gucci Kimono to the NBA All Stars Basketball Game earlier this year. I love how she paired it with a pair of destroyed denim jeans. The great thing about Kimonos are that they can be dressed up or down. They also make great bathing suit and beach side cover ups. If you are thinking of investing on a fashion piece for Spring or Summer, a Kimono should be on the top of your list. You can always recycle an old silk robe too. Some of my current favorites are HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

2) Straw / Bamboo Bags

For the longest, I have been lusting over the Cult Gaia Ark Bamboo Bag. There is a reason, that practically every fashionista purchased one of these bags.  It was basically the instagram IT bag of 2016/2017. They are also available in multiple colors HERE, HERE, HERE. Similar to bamboo bags, straw bags have been making a wave in the fashion scene. They just add this down to earthness to a look that I cannot explain, and they give off this girl next door-ish vibe, which I love.

Large or small, depending on your taste and style there are a few other choices from some of my favs HERE, HERE and HERE.

3) The Perfect Maxi

My love for Maxi dresses goes way back to 1985! My mom probably gave birth to me with a maxi dress on, because I have loved maxi dresses since the day I was born! Ok, I admit, I exaggerated that one a little bit, but you get my point. Maxi dresses are so comfy to slide in and out of, and I love how flowey they are. I have never been on a vacation to anywhere warm with a maxi dress. They are awesome to wear on your not-feeling-so-skinny days, and they are just too perfect for Summer and Spring. Some of my current favorites are HEREHEREHERE and HERE.

4) Bold Tassel Earrings

Bold/Tassel earrings are a great way to add a statement piece to an ensemble. I just love how fun they appear. I believe fashion and style is all about having fun, and with these pieces, you cannot go wrong. They come in different colors and shapes depending your style aesthetic, but are definitely a must have piece for Spring and Summer. I love this HERE

5) Awesome Slides

As the warm weather starts to come, so will perfectly manicured toes. What better way to show off your awesome summer ready pedis than with a pair of awesome slides. Everyone not only needs to own a pair of slides, but a pair of awesome ones. I have started a little collection of my own, and right now although they are lurking in my shopping bags, they are going to ultimately end up in my closet. At the moment, I am lusting over these HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Other must have pieces are Florals, boater hats, and Prints. Which are your favorites?

Thanks for Stopping By,

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  1. I am also loving Kimonos as well. You can never go wrong with maxis. Great post!

  2. Thanks for sharing such beautiful summer fashion trend with us. its really amazing.


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