10 Spring Trends I love: Snag them up for Less than $100

March 23, 2017

Hey Lovelies,

I hope everyone is having a great week so far?  One thing I love about the Spring is the beautiful trends that come with it. This spring, I am loving a few trends which will be on heavy rotation in my closet. If you are planning to spring clean, and shop for new pieces, these are a few ideas to guide your shopping. Lately, I have been trying to stay away from Trends and go more for Classics, because you can wear them for years and years, but sometimes I really cannot help it. So when I shop for trend items, I try not to splurge on them, that way I can easily let it go when the trend fades. Here are a few of my favorite Trends for this Spring, and some inspiration which I have kept budget friendly at below $100.

1) Gingham

This trend is definitely here to stay. It is crazy, because when I was in boarding school in high/ secondary school, we wore gingham aka check all day everyday. Who would have thunk that this would become a fashion trend? When I first saw this trend in magazines, the first thing that came to my mind was, "What did I do with my 'day wear'?", which is what we use to call it back in the day. It was not my favorite thing to wear back then, but ironically, it is one of my favorites things to wear now. 

2) Ruffles

I absolutely love the ruffle Trend. There is something so girly and flirty about ruffles. If you have owned a really ruffled piece, you will agree that they swirl and twirl with every move you make. They may give you a bulkier appearance, but that is the one time I will not complain about appearing bigger. I have been shopping a lot of ruffles lately, and loving every single one of them.

3) Big (Bell) Sleeves

With the Sleeve trend, it is go big or go home! The bigger your sleeves the better! I was initially amused by some of the big sleeves I would come across while shopping, but you know what they say, if you can't beat them join them, and that is what I have done! Because now I am obsessed with big sleeves, and I really can't help myself.

4) Flower Embroidery

What screams Spring more than flowers? Although the flower embroidery trend came around last year, it is now more popular than ever. From runways, to the pages of magazines, every piece you see has some flower embroidery on it, literally. I am also starting to OD on it, and I ain't sorry!

5) The Flamingo

I am loving the flamingo trend so much that I am doing the Flamingo dance as I type. Wait, is there anything such thing as the flamingo dance? No? Ok, well when it comes, remember you heard about it here first! The interesting thing about fashion, is that people somewhere, decide to trend something as random as a flamingo. I find it to be very cute, and though, I haven't yet purchased any flamingo patterned piece, I have my eye on a few...

6) Worded Tees

Yes, believe it! Worded Tees are now the coolest thing in planet fashion. The best part is that your T-shirt can say whatever you want it to say. What better way to truly express yourself, than this? I totally love it!

7) Metallics

The metallics trend is another spill over trend from the fall. If I had to pick a top 3 of the 10 trends listed, it would definitely be one of them. I just love the shine of metallics, and nothing is as fashion forward as a metallics piece. I have certainly filled my closet with a lot of metallics pieces, and I will continue to wear them till I am 100 years old!

8) Bold Stripes

Stripes were definitely a hit on the runways during fashion week. They are not particularly a new trend, but they are on my top 10. The major thing about stripes is that you have to consider your body type / shape when styling them. If you are petite or not tall, or on the thick or voluptuous side, then I would go for vertical stripes. If you are on the skinny or tall side, then the horizontal stripes will work for you. If you are an experimenter, then you can mix stripes with different prints or patterns for a fun, fab look.

9) Pearl Embellishments

I find these to be fun and sophisticated. They are a way to spice up pieces and give them a playful vibe. They also make for great DIYs as you can do them yourself with old pearl accessories. It is a trend that would make you clutch your pearls, because DIY enthusiasts will be coming for them.

10) The Color Pink

The last, but not the least trend I love this Spring is the color pink. I mentioned in my last post that I have been obsessed with pink lately. Well, the fashion gods must have seen and felt my heart, because pink is the one of the hottest colors this season. Fuchsia pink, in particular seems to be leading the pink race, as I have spotted it in a lot of Spring Collections. As we transition from Spring to Summer, I will be color blocking my pinks with other bright colors.

What are some of your favorite trends for the Spring? Which of the above mentioned trends will you be rocking this Spring?

I would love to read your comments, so feel free to leave them below.

Thank you for stopping by,

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