My Current Shopping / Wish List

November 05, 2016

Hey Lovelies,

I hope you are having an amazing weekend? I always feel like I spend the most amount of money in November, December, and January. I was thinking about it today, and it finally really occurred to me why this is case; the endless sales going on through to January. Every time I open my email, there is some sort of sale going on. Before, I know it, I am curiously browsing the website, and next thing you know, much to my hubby's chagrin (story for another day), I have a cart full of items!
I usually feel the initial rush of guilt after I buy them, but once I receive the items and try them on, that guilt leaves faster than I can say "Shopaholic!".
We all know that this is also the season for Thanksgiving, black Friday and all the Christmas and Holiday Sales, so the markdowns are a great bait for people like me who like to shop at a Bargain, even though we don't necessarily need all that we buy, but please, don't judge me!

Another reason why this is a high shopping season for me is that I usually travel to Nigeria for Christmas, so from shopping for myself, to buying gifts for friends and family back home, it all adds up! Most times I end up buying and packing so much clothes and shoes, and when I get to Nigeria, I only wear a handful! After spending hours and days stressing about excess baggage from all the things I have bought, and have to carry with me. Every year I tell myself, "Next year I am not packing this many clothes!", but when the following year comes, I am suddenly hit with the feeling of 'what if I have somewhere to go and I have nothing to wear?' Then I find myself "stuffing" my luggage up with those "emergency ensembles."

This is the season for gift giving so like I mentioned before, buying all those gifts, add to my shopping madness! Part of the reason is that I am a last kind of person sometimes. I remember on December 23rd that I need to buy Christmas gifts, literally. When that flash of light hits me, I literally go crazy with it. I buy substitute gifts in case I change my mind, or if I am not totally sure which gift the recipient will absolutely love, I buy a gift they may not love, and a gift they are likely to love. Ohhhh the headache of Christmas gift shopping!

I am always obsessed with a lot of things; it's like they come in waves and phases, but currently I am obsessed with pink! It doesn't matter the shade, from baby pink to fuchsia to hot pink to bubble gum pink, name it, I am obsessed! This is even strange to me because I do not have a favorite color; I love every color! If it is colored, I love it! The brighter, the better! But I have found myself shopping for, wearing and loving a lot of pink lately.

Anyways, I decided to share my shopping/ wish list with you. So that hopefully, you may talk some sense into me before I splurge, or join me in splurging if it is an awesome piece. After all, there is love in sharing right?!

Thank you so much for stopping by. As always, I appreciate your thoughts and comments...


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