Gifts Ideas For A Bride To Be

September 07, 2016

Gifts Ideas For A Bride To Be

I am going to start this post by saying that my friends rock!! Before, during and after our wedding, I got a lot of great gifts from my friends, especially during my bridal shower. I had 2 surprise bridal showers, one in New Jersey and one in London. It was hard to believe that I fell for the second one, after they got me on the first one. But they did! LOL
I couldn't believe how extremely thoughtful a lot of the gifts were, besides the usual lingerie, and get-your-freak-on type of gifts! Which I also loved by the way! Haha.

It usually takes me forever to figure out what gift I would like to give my friends and family, and most times, I have to start thinking about them centuries in advance. So if you are like me, and you can not think of what gift to give a friend who is about to tie the knot, then here are a few gift ideas to get you started. She would definitely appreciate them!

Sophia Webster pink sandals
£365 -

Edie Parker man bag

Kate spade handbag
£300 -

Kate Spade hand bag
£300 -

Casetify iphone case
£30 -

Casetify clear iphone case
£30 -

Casetify iphone case
£30 -

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  1. i love perfumes,i think any bride to be will love them too

    1. You are absolutely right! Perfumes always make great gifts! Thank you!


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