One Easy Way to remove Chewing Gum from your leather accessories

September 19, 2015

I tolerate most things, but one of my very few pet peeves is stepping on chewing gum or having gum stuck on anything that I own. I can scream out loud when that happens. When I chew gum, I always take special care to wrap it up properly with a piece of paper or tissue, before I throw it out. if I can't find any paper, I keep it in my mouth till I can find one and throw it out.

Anyway, two days ago the "worst" thing happened. I went grocery shopping, and when it was time to check out, I reached to my bag to grab my wallet. Just then I noticed a fat piece of gum stuck on the bottom of my bag. The attendant took one look at me, and knew I was about to throw a fit... LOL. She motioned her head and gave me the look that said, "Don't do it!"  When I looked back at the line and the people behind me, I took a deep breath and held it together. I calmly checked out and when I got to my car, I tried to use a piece of paper and pull it off, but it got sticky, and stretchy, and all those things I hate about a stuck on gum experience.

I knew I could have taken it off with some gas (fuel), but where would I have gotten gas from... When I got home, I did some research and what I found was extremely helpful, and I thought I should share... This can work on any type of leather material, inlcuding leather sofas, jackets, bags, and shoes...

Step 1: Pill as much of the gum as you can with your hand
Step 2: Use your hair dryer to heat up the remaining piece of gum on the leather surface. You will notice it getting moist and stickier.
Step 3: Use a piece of tape/adhesive and stick on to the part with the gum. Then peel off the tape. You will notice that a lot of the gum goes with the adhesive part of the tape. Repeat this step till you have lifted all the gum off the surface.
Step 4: Use a wet piece of tissue/cloth and clean the surface to make sure everything is gone. Then wipe dry.

By the time I was done with the above steps, I could not even tell which part of the bag the gum had stuck on.

If you find you self in a similar situation, now you know what to do.

I hope this helps someone. As always, Thank you sooo  much for stopping by.

Image sources: google images, wikihow.

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