My Style: Ankara Kirikiri Star

May 31, 2014

 Hey Lovies!

I hope you are having a great weekend so far? Last weekend my very good friend and neighboor, Seyi was having a potluck. After frying plantain to my hearts desire, I decided to throw on my "kiriki star" Ankara print "iro and buba", and head downstairs to the event. There was soooooooo much to eat, lots of great energy, and I had a lot of fun! By the time it was done, I was extremely grateful that I could just shuffle myself up a few floors and pass out, cos I was stuffed to my eye balls :). The ankara "kirikiri print" was a trend when I was a little girl, but made a come back a few years ago. My mum had the "iro and buba"(a traditional attire where 'Iro' is like a wrap skirt/wrapper while the 'Buba' is the top) made for me 2 plus years ago, so I was glad that I finally got to wear it. I absolutely love the colors! Thank you mummy!!! LOL :) :) What do you guys think?

                                                                   Outfit Details
                                                                      "iro and buba"- Ankara kirikiri star print
                                                              Necklace: Mall vendor
                                                                 Sandals: ALDO Here

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  1. You look gorgeous! Your makeup is simple and fresh and natural. i think you should tone a bit down on your makeup so we can admire your natural beauty just like this post! Keep it up! Dulling is not allowed!

  2. Lol gu..kirikiri star����

  3. Lmao @ you dancing. Beautiful Guch.


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