First of all, INTRODUCTION...

May 17, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog, Diary of Doc Diva! My name is Ugochi Gucci Ezeala, and I go by Gucci Ezeala. Contrary to popular belief, "Gucci" is not a nickname, short for Ugochi, Oguchi, Ogechi, or any other names people have been creative to come up with. Believe it or not, my mum really did name me Gucci. And no, she wasn't crazy about the designer either. lol. My nicknames are Doc Diva and Posh (from my sorority).

I am originally Nigerian, but I was born in London, UK, and I have lived in New Jersey, USA for 11 years (3 of which I spent mostly in Grenada, West Indies). I am British-Nigerian-American (I know, I am a citizen of the world.. lol). I have been fortunate enough to have lived and studied in different countries. This experience I believe has made me a better person, as I am culturally aware. I appreciate and understand that though we may be from different cultures, races, or ethnicity, we all strive to achieve the same universal goals, such as success, peace, and happiness.

I am also a Medical Doctor, and I am currently pursuing my Residency in Family Medicine in New Jersey. Prior, to attaining my Medical Degree, I got a Bachelors of Science in Biology, and a Masters in Public Health. I am also a sister, friend, cousin, niece, girlfriend to some of the most amazing people in the world! I love Fashion, Medicine, traveling, Music, Photography, Interior Decorating, Music, Sleeping, spending time with friends and family, and I am passionate about the things I love! Motivated by my boyfriend, and friends, I decided to create this blog as a platform to share my style, creativity, medical knowledge, and let you see the world as I see it, when I travel all over. Hence, the name of the blog, Diary of Doc Diva.

In doing this, I hope to affect the world positively. I do not consider myself to be an expert in anything, but I believe that I am good at the things I do. I hope that you enjoy the contents of the blog as much as I will enjoy putting them up.



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  1. I will enjoy it. Lol

  2. WHOOP WHOOP!!! Congrats Bambina. Lovely Intro. A Toast to new beginnings :D. It's going to be Legen....wait for it...."diary" lol xxx.


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